Government will bring budget along with new policy & program

Kathmandu, May 06. The spokesperson of the government and Minister for the Information & Communication Dr. Minendra Rijal has said that the government will bring the new budget on Jestha, along with the government’s new policy and programme. Minister Rijal has said,We had spent our decades of time in non-effective tasks as we had faced the 10 years long insurgency period and peace process. Now, the peoples do not excuse to the government for non tasks.

Rijal stressed that the new budget will come with the spirit of the people, speaking at the interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Tuesday. He said,the priorities of the government are to felicitate in the significant issues including health, education,energy and fast-track in the terai zone, rail-way. This time, we will include the roadmap of the nation-development,an budget will come with the spirit of followings.Now we are in the frame working of such things.

Agreeing on the delays of the government’s action, Spokesperson & Minister Dr. Rijal has committed that this happened due to the government’s concentration in the constitution making process, speaking at the interaction program presided by the Reporters’ Club Nepal’s president Rishi Dhamala. Rijal stresses that the government is committed to institutionalize the Federal Democratic Republic and promulgating the new constitution on time. He said that there is no space of satisfaction of the government’s 100 days, but in the upcoming days government will take an actions for the economic prosperous and employment, he stressed. Along with this, Minister Rijal has said that the government will appoint the members in the National Planning Commission and so on. he stresses that the delays of the appointment in the such field is due to the coalition government. He has informed that the formation of the TRC has now reached in the last stage.
In the concern of the journalist of nomination of 26 lawmakers from the cabinet, Rijal has said  He informed that the nomination of the 26 lawmakers reached in the consensus among the NC & UML, but we will decide soon after the UCPN-Maoist return from the Biratnagar General Conclave.

Minister Rijal has informed that the government will bring the joint-policy of Information & Communication. He said, We have 12 years old policy of the Information & Communication. We need to amend the previous policy. Minister Rijal has praised the role of Reporters’ Club Nepal’s president Rishi Dhamala for contributing to the development of journalism and its promote.