SC judge appointment won’t be revoked: Member of JC Dhungana

Kathmandu, May 09.Khem Narayan Dhungana,a member of the Judicial Council has sticked to his stance over the controversial  recommendation of JC’s for the appointment of eight judges at the Supreme Court will not be revoked at any cost.

Speaking at the interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Friday, Dhungana has opined his strong view over the recommendation of appointment in SC’s judges was justifiable and legally. He said that Judicial Council has recommended to the well capable, fair and uncotroversial judges. He further claimed said there should not be any controversy in endorsing the appointment.

Dhungana has stressed the Judicial Council had taken the deep studies and querries over the the recommended candidates .He said, “We did it all as per the spirit of the constitution” Likewise Dhungana has sticked up for not backtrack the decision. He said that they are ready to face any kind of action against them if they had have such a illegal tasks, from the Parliamentary Hearing Committee, speaking at the program presided by the Reporters’ Club Nepal’s president Rishi Dhamala.

Clarifying the recent allegations of played the illegal act while in the recommendation, He said he would resign from the post if any blamed were proved. He further more claimed that the allegations of corruption were aimed at destroying the image of judicial council.Dhungana has informed that the appointment of 10 judges will be done very soon.

Speaking at the same occasion, Nepal Bar Association’s Chairman Mr. Harikrishna Karki has blamed of the allegations that the Judicial Council’s members were hefty financial irregularities in recommending the names of  those judges who have had a “very bad judicial reputation’ in their career.Karki has stressed that the recommendations have to be revoked under any cost.He said,” we hope that the Parliamentray Special Hearing Committe won’t recommend to those alleged judges. For the existence of the Judicial Council, The Parliamentary Hearing Special Committee should have to make the deep investigations.

Similarly, President of the Reporters’ Club Nepal, Mr. Rishi Dhamala has stressed in to keep fair and uncontroversial Judicial Council.