I am authentic party chairman : Rana

Kathmandu, June 13. The recently elected Rastriya Prajatantra Party Chairman Pashupati SJB Rana claimed that he is the authentic party Chair.

Speaking at an interaction organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Friday Rana said that he was elected by a two-third majority at the party’s Central Committee. He added that he has got 84 vote out of 102 from the central members.

Rana stressed that RPP’s general convention has already rejected to follow the turn-wise chairmanship among the top party leaders, as agreed earlier. “When the post of chairman is vacant, the party has the provision to select its next chairperson by holding an election”, Speaking an interaction program presided by the Reporters’ Club Nepal’s President Rishi Dhamala.

He, however, claimed that he would not let the party split over recent differences surfaced with a faction led by Chand. He said he has a lot of options and plans to save the party from breaking down. Rana further informed that the party has formed a talk team under the leadership of Joint General Secretary Hem Jung Gurung and Central member Roshan Karki to hold discussion with the dissenting faction.

Rana expressed his confidence that former Prime Minister Chand would not split the party for petty reasons of intra-party leadership.

In the concerns raised by the journalist, Rana shows his disagreement over the works of government, however He attributed that the slow motion of the government is due to the poor health condition of Prime Minister Sushil Koirala. He added that his party would play an instrumental role in make the government function as expected. He assured that his party will suggest the Prime Minister about the government’s slow-speed after the PM Koirala’s return from treatment.

Rana however expressed his view that the nation will get new constituent but he doubts that the timely deliberation of the new constitution.

While at the different concerns raised, Rana claimed that there wouldn’t be any changed occurred in the Narendra Modi’s government. He expressed his view that there is impossible to reinstate the Monarchy too,  in the Nepal.