No moral and legitimate grounds for becoming party chair to Khanal & Nepal: Pokhrel

Kathmandu, June 19. CPN-UML Secretary Shanker Pokhrel has claimed that party chairman Jhala Nath Khanal and senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal, they both do not have moral and legitimate bases to file their candidacy for the post of chairman at the upcoming 9th General Convention of the party.
Speaking at the interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Thursday, Pokhrel has placed his view that the party’s two leaders have not legal authority to file their nomination for the post of chairman. Stressing that there is no moral ethics to be a series of party chair, as the party has bounded such provision; Pokhrel argued that both of them have already held executive posts in the party in the past.
He has said that the party statute should be amended if Madhav Kumar Nepal and Jhala Nath Khanal file their nomination. Speaking at the program presided by the Reporters’ Club President Rishi Dhamala, Pokhrel said, “We will amend the statue if they are willing to file their candidacies, but KP Oli is sure to be victorious.”
Stressing that the party’s policy and ideology is depend upon Senior Leader that of KP Oli, Pokhrel said that Oli will also have the leadership after the GC. He stated that while selecting the representatives of convention, Oli made surprise. In the different concerns, Pokhrel has claimed that party has been conducted by the ideology rather than personal health. He opined his view that Oli has been actively participated in the programs. He further stated that his party won’t leave the previous agendas in the issues regarding the forms of governance and state-restructuring. He stressed that his party has already took stance over the directly elected Prime Minister & Multi-ethnic federal states.