Action if Chure Conservation obstructed: Mininster Acharya

Kathmandu, June 21. Minister for Forests and Soil Conservation Mahesh Acharya said that government would take action against the ones who try to obstruct while in the Chure Conservation Programme.
Speaking at an interaction organised by the Reporters’ Club Nepal on saturday, Minister Acharya informed that the government has recently formed the Rashtrapati Chure Terai -Madhesh Conservation Committee under the leadership of former Finance Secretary Rameshwar Khanal to look after the Chure region. He believes that the committee will take an action for conservation the chure region.

Minister Acharya said that the programme was brought in to curb rampant deforestation and timber smuggling from the Chure region. Also, he made it clear that the government was making a plan to manage the people who depends upon the Chure region for their livelihood, speaking at the interaction program presided by the Reporters’ Club Nepal’s president Rishi Dhamala.

He said “It’s a rumour that the government is mobilising Nepal Army to curb deforestation and timber smuggling in Chure,” he said adding that “We will settle the issue at local level.” He added that the government will cooperate with the local body related to the Forest including the Federation of the Community Forest Consumer.

Minister Acharya clarified that the government has not brought this program on hurry rather the government has brought the programme after the decades of investigation and study. He stressed that the government has brought this program by putting in the center that Chure is our national diversity, and will take an action for conserving it. He said, Chure is not only this generation’s diversity because it is too next generations’, so we brought six-point program to conserve the chure.”

Speaking at the same function, Minister Acharya has claimed that the presidential system cannot address the spirit of inclusiveness. He stressed that the parliamentary system is suitable in the context of Nepal while it is going to form the governance under Federal State. He blamed that there is no more logics while presidential system can build the stable government. Minister Acharya said,” We have an unique system, neither we follow the UK based parliamentary system nor other.” He further challenged that if the parliamentary system would come in the action there wouldn’t any existence of minor parties in the Nepal.
Reporters’ Club Nepal’s President Rishi Dhamala has opined his view that the Reporters’ Club will always help to the government for implementing the recent published six point programs of government for conserving the Chure. Dhamala further stressed that Chure region should be conserved as the development of environment.