CA concludes deliberations on forms of governance

Kathmandu, June 23. Deliberations on the report of the CA Constitutional Archives Study and Determination Committee on forms of governance concluded at the meeting of the Constituent Assembly (CA) today.

The report of the Committee was based on the report of the then CA Committee on the forms of governance.

The meeting today also endorsed a proposal to send the report of the Committee on the agreed issues to the constitution drafting committee. Likewise, the report’s disputed issues will be forwarded to the CA Constitutional-Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee.

A total of 235 CA members had expressed their views on the report, according to the Committee Chair Bishnu Prasad Poudel.

Chairperson Poudel had tabled the proposals seeking approval of the CA to send the reports to the concerned committees.

The CA members had expressed differing views, aligned to their respective political party on the contentious issues concerning the forms of governance.

Speaking on the occasion, Chairperson Poudel said the views expressed by the CA members who commented on the report would be taken into consideration while deciding on the respective matters.RSS