Budget will come into full implementaion: FinMinister Mahat

KATHMANDU: Finance Minister Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat has said that the budget of fiscal year 2071/2072 will come into full implementation.
Speaking at an interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club on Thursday, Mahat said “I have directed high officials of Finance Ministry and other Ministries to take an initiative to implement the budget at the earliest,” He maintained that the country would head towards prosperity after the endorsement of annual budget.
Saying that the main opposition party UCPN-Maoist is not against development, Minister Mahat expressed his hope that the Maoist party would not create any hindrances during the endorsement and implementation of the budget, speaking at an interaction program presided by the Reporters’ Club president Rishi Dhamala.
He stressed that the budget would take the country towards new path and create conducive environment for investment in industries and agriculture. Minister Mahat has also claimed that the new budget would give new life to the agricultural sector, development of infrastructure and modernization of the country.
Asserting that the economic revolution would begin in the country at the soonest, he said that he had already given clarification about the issues of budget in the parliament yesterday raised by the opposition parties. He said, I have already
Moreover, Minister Mahat said that no parties can backtrack from the economical agendas that the budget has highlighted.
He said that the country would head towards development only if all the parties supported the implementation of recently presented budget.