Modi visit took Indo-Nepal relations to new height: Minister Rijal

Kathmandu, August 05. Minister for Information and Communication Dr Minendra Rijal has saod that the viisit of Indian Preme Minister Narendra Modi has taken Indo-Nepal relation in new height.

Speaking at the program organized by the Reporters’ Club on Tuesday, Minister Rijal said that the visit of Modi has proved how India has prioritised Nepal’s development. Minister Rijal has claimed that the visit of the Indian Prime Minister has marked a new turn in the relations between the two friendly neighbours.

Minister Rijal stressed, Modi has cleared the doubt in relations between two nations in a positive way,”.He further said Nepal should move ahead for economic development hand-in-hand with the agendas set by the southern neighbour, speaking at the program presided by the Reporters’ Club Nepal’s president Rishi Dhamala.

He further stressed that Indian Premier has cleared the doubt over India, while living in Kathmandu of his two day official visit.

In the same occasion, Reporters’ Club Nepal’s President Rishi Dhamala has stressed that Modi’s visit took Indo-Nepal relations in new height. He further stressed that Nepal should have to take initiation for bring the foreign investment.