Pragmatic and Practical approach for Federal Constitution: Russian Ambassador

Kathmandu, October 30.  Ambassador of Russia to Nepal, Sergey Vasilievich Velichkin has opined that that Nepal should not embrace for a ‘mechanical’ identity based federalism. He said that while identity is necessary to mainstream marginalized section and communities of the nation, he said that elements that shape the basis of identities should be pragmatic and practical, while speaking at an interaction programme organized by the Reporters Club Nepal on Wednesday.

Speaking at the interaction programme, presided by Reporters Club Nepal’s President Rishi Dhamala, ambassador Velichkin said identity is important for shaping cultures and societies but cautioned that they are equally delicate to handle and come with multidimensional problems. “All aspects and dynamics of identities cannot be identified in the very being. It continuously evolves therefore it is necessary that political dialogues are tolerant and more practical in dealing with them,” he said adding that such political discussions should be guided by continuous realistic assessment of themselves.

He exemplified this by referring to his country’s own experience of federalism. He said that the Russian Federation has made several major and minor changes in its constitutional provisions, state boundaries and legislation to accommodate the ever evolving aspirations of its people. Standing on this instance, he said that Nepali people should also draft constitution that will accommodate future aspirations of its people.

Sharing his personal assesment of Nepal’s political situation further, the ambassador said that Nepali people and leaders have been more realistic and pragmatic this time around in dealing with outstanding issues of the constitution writing process, than the previous Constituent Assembly (CA).

On a different note, the ambassador informed that his embassy is organizing two week long Russian cultural event in Kathmandu. The event named as ” Days of Russian Culture in Nepal,” will serve various aspects, including dance, jazz, cultural and art, of Russia to Nepal. The event will have five events on November 4, 6, 12, 17 and 19.

Vice President Parmanand Jha will be opening the event on the first day at Nepal Academy Hall.