Modified NC-UML proposal will make statute: Khadka

Kathmandu, December 17. Minister for Urban Development and Nepali Congress leader Dr. Narayan Khadka claimed that the new constitution will be a modification of joint proposal submitted by NC and UML.

Speaking in the interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Wednesday, Minister  Khadka has said that the proposal submitted to the Constitutional Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee (CPDCC) in the Constituent Assembly(CA) will be amended to give a complete shape to the new constitution if not possible to forge consensus on the disputed issues of Constitution .

Speaking the program presided by the Reporters’ Club’s president Rishi Dhamala, The Minister also claimed that the Constituent Assembly (CA) will not return the CPDCC report to the Committee again for discussion. “CPDCC achieved nothing so far,” the leader said, “Thus, the report will not be returned,”

The CA itself will seek consensus on disputed issues of the constitution and go for voting if consensus turns elusive, he added. The Minister informed that parties will continue consensus bids till CA prepares a final draft of the constitution.

In a different note, Minister Khadka opined that the government is bringing the new policy to control over the miscarriage of physical infrastructure development’s projects including the roads.

He said,” The government will bring the effective policy to control the irregularities of the constructions projects.”