Students stage slumber rally for constitution on slated time

Kathmandu, Dec 23.  Eleven students unions  have staged a slumber rally to pile pressure on the lawmakers for timely promulgation of the new statute on Monday.

As many as 601 students from 11 students unions demonstrated a slumber rally from Maitighar Mandala to New Baneshwar today, lashing out at the Constituent Assembly members for their failure to forge timely consensus on the disputed issues of the constitution.

“The CA members have not been serious even though the deadline for writing statute is less than one month,” said the Spokesperson of ANNFSU RC Lamichane , adding, “That is why 601 students wearing tags from 1 to 601 are staging demonstration along the Maitighar-New Baneshwar road section.”

The students also beat cymbals as a symbolic gesture to heap pressure on the lawmakers for the timely promulgation of the new constitution. The country will further mire into imbroglio, jeopardizing the democracy, if the constitution is not promulgated on the slated time, said Lamichhane.

Students from Nepal Students Union, All Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU), All Nepal National Independent Students Union (Revolutionary) (ANNISU-R) and Madhes-based organizations had participated in the rally.