Indian intervention caused delay in statute drafting: Bijukchhe

Kathmandu, Jan 27. President of Nepal Workers and Peasants Party Narayanman Bijukchhe has said that the delay in drafting the new constitution is due to Indian intervention on it.

Speaking at the program in Bhaktapur on Tuesday, he said the new constitution can come soon only if the Nepali political leaders ignored the intervention from neighbouring India.  “The directive by the Indian Ambassador to UML Chair KP Oli to shift the calendar of constitution making and the deadline for a consensus validates the increasing foreign intervention in the country”, he said while adding that the country cannot get a sovereign constitution until such outside intervention is stopped.

He also attributed the shortcomings and weakness of the leaders of the major parties to the increasing foreign meddling in the constitution making process. “Foreign forces are becoming active in order to stamp their mark in the constitution making process of Nepal”, he said.

Bijukchhe also said that India wishes to see a constitution as per its liking in Nepal.  The NWPP Chairman said the UCPN (Maoist) and the Madhes-centric parties were only protesting for their share in power. “The leaders’ tendency to focus only on joining the government has led to a rise in public disenchantment”. RSS