The government make public the deposits in Swiss Bank: DPM Singh

Kathmandu, Feb 16: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Local Development & Nepali Congress (NC) general secretary Prakash Man Singh has said his party has been effortful to promulgate an all-inclusive democratic constitution by discharging the coordinating role.

Receiving a memorandum Letter of the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Monday, advocating for the delivery of democratic constitution, Minister Singh pledged to lay strong foundation for political stability in Nepal by promulgating a written democratic constitution.

“The constitution should be delivered by all means. We are aware that the CA would not be allowed to demise without giving a new constitution. Nepali Congress would fulfill aspirations of the people to bring the constitution going to the extent of adopting process if consensus bid is not likely”, added in the program presided by Reporters’ Club Nepal’s president Rishi Dhamala.

The announcement of struggle meant to promulgate constitution through street has made the mockery of the parties – which have been repeatedly claiming that the Constituent Assembly was possible because of their role, he added. “The undemocratic character shown in course of democratic process to deliver constitution has made it clear that who has wished CA in Nepal”.

The deputy prime minister also urged the stirring parties to come to the negotiation table shunning struggle. “I would like to ask signatory of the past agreements whether they need to adhere the letter and spirit of the documents they signed”, he added.

On a query of journalists, DPM Singh said, “The government would not leave any stones unturned to probe and make public the deposits in Swiss Bank – said to be that of Nepali people – in line with the constitution and concerned regulation”.