Pantera Camp Condemns Desecration of Dimebag’s Grave

KATHMANDU, March 2: A post on Pantera‘s Facebook page condemns a despicable act by an individual or group of individuals who desecrated Dimebag Darrell‘s grave while traveling through Texas on tour.

Someone with the Instagram account crustyplague displayed an image of Dimebag’s grave and claimed that he and his bandmates apparently spat on it and wrote a slur on the memorial stone. The culprits apparently robbed a pair of boots that were placed at the gravesite, as well.

The post on Pantera’s Facebook page, which can be seen below, shows the Instagram image from crustyplague and reads, “We are absolutely disgusted by this! We ask that all of you please show Dime & his grave the respect he deserves. This conduct will not be tolerated and the authorities have been notified.