Swine flu threat shuts Gorkha school

GORKHA, March 2: The Ratnarajya Higher Secondary School at Birenchok in Gorkha district has been closed for some days due to swine flu (H1N1) threats.

The decision was taken based on the doctors’ suggestions after the students started showing symptoms similar to those of the disease, said school headmaster Dhruba Shrestha.

Dr Narayan Thapaliya at the District Hospital said most of the patients had the same symptoms similar to swine flu, but it is yet to be confirmed.

However, the District Hospital does not have equipments and facilities to confirm the disease.

However, District Health Officer Mahendra Dwaj Adhikari said it was only a rumor as most of the patients were infected with common cold and flu.

He added that the Office is in high alert about possible threat of the disease. RSS