4 new swine flu patients detected in Chitwan

RATNANAGAR: March 11:  Four more people infected with swine flu have been detected in Chitwan according to the District Public Health Office (DPHO), Chitwan.

The district has already witnessed six cases of the flu also known as A H1N1, informed Ram KC, the Vector Control Officer of DPHO, Chitwan.

Among the identified patients, two are from Nawalparasi and one from Gorakha. Rest others are the native of the districts, shared Officer KC, adding that among the 10 patients, the number of women was high, standing at eight.

Dr. Prakash Khatiwada, the physician at the Bharatpur Hospital, has appealed to the people to observe strict precaution against this ailment which recently entered Nepal from India.

Among the prevention and precaution advised by Dr Khatiwada are to avoid handshake with people, going in crowd and mob, refrain putting one’s hand to one’s mouth and wear mask outdoors, among others.

Likewise, Dr Khatiwada has also suggested opting for a medical check-up if one often suffers from common cold, exhaustion and body ache.