Truck hits bike‚ biker killed‚ pillion rider injured

BARA, March, 13: Irate locals have been protesting after a seven-year-old child was abducted and raped on February 20. She was kidnapped from her father’s shop at Kalaiya Bazaar and her body was thrown at a dumping site. She had died while undergoing treatment in Kathmandu. Locals have been demanding stern action against the rapist. Today’s clash erupted after police intervened against demonstrators in front of the district administration office.

As many as seven women were injured in the clash. Babita Jaisawal, chairperson of Unified Networks of Woman Activists fractured her left hand when police resorted to lathi-charge.

DSP Rabindra Regmi of Bara Police said police personnel were compelled to baton-charge the demonstrators as protesters started attacking police with stones and brooms. It has been reported that a large number of police personnel were deployed at District Administration Office, Nepali Congress Party office and Bharat Chowk. The locals led by woman activists had been demonstrating. Meanwhile, Beti Bachau Protest Committee, Kalaiya, continued the protest with the body of the rape victim at Bharat Chowk today as well. Kalaiya Bazaar was closed.

Irate locals and relatives of the girl refused to perform the final rites until the state condemned the rapist to death. The committee has demanded ten lakh rupees compensation for the family. The locals demanded that Close Circuit Cameras be install in the city area of Kalaiya.