CA Chair urges senior leaders for meaningful talks

KATHMANUD, March 21: Constituent Assembly (CA) Chairman Subas Nembang urged senior leaders of the major political parties to hold meaningful talks and clear the political impasse.

He made the statement while addressing a programme organised on the occasion of the second anniversary of the Girija Prasad Koirala Memorial Community College in the capital city on Saturday.

Nembang said he postponed the CA meeting for indefinite time thinking that there would be sufficient time to intensify dialogue between the ruling parties and opposition parties.

He further made it clear that the polarisation among the political parties represented in the CA would further lengthen the postponement of the CA meeting.

According to him, the major political parties must hold meaningful dialogue. “The ruling parties and the opposition parties’ alliance need to hold 24-hour discussion to give political way out to the country,” he underscored.

On a different note, he said that it would be a real respect to late Girija Prasad Koirala if the political parties brought a new constitution through consensus.

At the programme, the head of the constitution drafting body feted 12 different personalities who contributed to the establishment of the College.