2‚700 metric tonnes of garbage collected

KATHMANDU, March 21: Around 2,700 metric tonnes of garbage have been collected from around the Bagmati River near Sundarighat on Saturday. It is the 97th edition of the Bagmati Cleanup Grand Campaign.

The Campaign that started 97 weeks ago from Bagdwar as per the commitment to return the Bagmati River to its earlier state will be concluded after next three weeks reaching Chobhar.

The Kathmandu dwellers would conclude the grand campaign again with the commitment to not dump waste in the river and on riverside.

The campaign started after the River, with huge cultural and religious values, turned into a putrid swathe.

Chief Secretary Leelamani Poudyal, who is leading the Grand Campaign, said the campaign was begun as the river became a victim of random urbanisation in the capital city.

It has gradually been brought to normalcy, now, he said. He also urged one and all living in Kathmandu to participate in the concluding programme on the 100th week on April 4.