Wind from Bay of Bengal brings thundershouers to Nepal

KATHMANDU, March 26: The eastern and central parts of the country saw cloudy conditions and witnessed thunderbolts accompanied with rainfall today due to influence of the combination of local moisture and monsoon winds coming from the Bay of Bengal.

Thunder clouds were formed with the combination of local water moisture resulting in brief thundershower, meteorologist Subas Rimal told RSS.

According to him, there is a change of weather for short interval in the hilly region towards the afternoon during the existing pre-monsoon weather phenomena resulting in the thundershower. Today’s rainfall is this type of rain, he added.

Reports have been received regarding occurrence of hailstone along with thundershowers at different places in the eastern and central parts of the country. However, this has no impact in the western parts of the country, the Weather Forecasting Division stated.

The sudden thundershower with hailstone obstructed vehicular movement in Kathmandu Valley, the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division said.