Thapa suggests PM to suspend CA meet for a week

RPP Chairman Kamal Thapa at Reporters Club Nepal (File Photo)

KATHMANDU, Apr 5: Chairman of RPP-N Kamal Thapa today said that he has suggested Prime Minister Sushil Koirala to suspend the meeting of the Constituent Assembly (CA) for a week.

Speaking at a press conference in Kathmandu, Thapa said that he suggested the the prime minister to suspend the CA meet and send the disputed issues of the constitution drafting process to the Constitutional Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee (CPDCC).

“I suggested the prime minister to draft the constitution through the CA procedure if consensus is not possible within a week,” Thapa said.

Thapa, who met the prime minister today, informed the press that he told the latter that it is not possible to promulgate the constitution by sidelining the UCPN (Maoist), Madhesh-based parties and RPP-N.

Thapa also said that he warned Koirala that his party would obstruct the CA process if the CA bars the discussions on the issues of secularism, federalism and republicanism.