NMC chairman Dr. Gautam resigns

KATHMANDU, Apr 6: Nepal Medical Council Chairman Dr Jageshwar Gautam today resigned from his post ‘for personal reasons’.

Dr Gautam’s resignation was one of the key demands put forth by Dr Govinda KC who staged a 12-day hunger strike recently, demanding reforms in the medical sector.

Dr KC broke his fast-unto-death only after the government agreed to meet most of his demands. Dr Gautam, however, told THT that he resigned for health reasons and not under pressure from anybody.

“If I had to resign because of Dr KC’s demands, I would have done so before,” Dr Gautam said.

When asked to react to Dr KC’s allegation of a nexus with medical mafia, Dr Gautam said he respected Dr KC for his professionalism but he should refrain for making unsubstantiated allegations.

Dr Gautam said he worked at NMC only for four months without taking any major decisions and without deciding to give affiliation to any college.

“If Dr KC does not like me then that is a different matter but he should not blame me for this,” Dr Gautam added.

Dr Gautam was appointed chairman of NMC on November 12, 2014, by Minister of Health and Population Khagaraj Adhikari.