TSC to announce vacancies for permanent teachers

KATHMANDU, Apr 6: Teachers Service Commission (TSC), the sole government authority for hiring permanent teachers for government schools, will be announcing vacancies for the second batch of fresh teachers in vacant post in schools across the country.

Laxmi Ram Poudel, administrative chief, TSC, today said that they were making final preparations to announce vacancies for fresh teachers. According to Poudel, TSC is planning to open vacancies by the end of April to begin the process of appointing hundreds of fresh teachers in vacant posts.

He said the vacancies will be announced in two phases. “Vacancies for secondary level and lower secondary level teachers will be announced first in April and vacancies for primary level teachers will be announced later in August,” he said.

As the vacant posts for primary level teachers have not been identified yet, the process of vacancy announcement and recruitment will be delayed, he informed.

The Department of Education had sent data on vacant posts for teachers in the secondary level and lower secondary level on April 3.

After identification of vacant posts in various schools, the TSC had begun internal homework to announce vacancies.

According to Department of Education (DoE), there are altogether 3,249 vacant posts of teachers where 1,385 posts are vacant in the secondary level and 1,864 in lower secondary level. DoE said that there are 115 secondary level teachers’ posts vacant in the far-western development region, 155 in mid-western region, 342 in western region, 484 in central region and 289 in the eastern region. Similarly, 135 lower secondary teachers’ posts are vacant in the far-western region, 226 posts in mid-western region, 514 posts in the western region, 588 posts in central region and 400 in the eastern region. In 2013, TSC had announced vacancies for teachers in 13,059 positions — 2,286 in secondary level, 2,793 in lower secondary level and 7,980 in primary level, after a gap of 17 years. Out of around 500,000 applicants, 21,635 were selected for interview where only 12,743 applicants were given appointment letters as permanent teachers in various levels.