Unknown disease claims four‚ hundreds ill in Jajarkot

JAJARKOT: Four persons have died and hundred others have fallen ill due to an unidentified disease in the remote eastern and north-western parts of Jajarkot in the past two weeks.

The deceased have been identified as Susmita Jaisi, 16, of Archhani-3, who died last week, followed by Jayasari Rokaya of Paik-4, Khamba Bahadur Nepali of Paik-5 and another woman of Paik-3 who succumbed three days ago.

According to Dinesh Singh, a local teacher, the victims lost their lives due to lack of health service in the area.

At least one member in every family is ill in the VDC, he said. The disease which first appeared in Archhani VDC has spread to Paik, Nayakwada and Sakla among other VDCs.

The patients complain of headache, chest pain, leg and hand pain, nausea, and fever among others.

The elderly and children have been hit the hardest. Lack of health workers and drugs in the locality has caused the diseased to spread, locals said. Meanwhile, Chief of District Health Office Dhir Jung Shah said the office has mobilised health workers and sent medicine to the affected areas on a turn-wise basis.

“We have already cured as many as 180 patients in Sakla VDC alone,” he said, adding that the disease is less likely to be an epidemic and it will be controlled within a week.