Help desk removed after decline in number of swine flu patients


RATNANAGAR, Apr 9: A help desk set up at Bharatpur Hospital in Chitwan has been removed after decline in the number of swine flu infected patients.

The help desk was almost non-effective with the decrease of patients, the Chitwan District Public Health Office informed. The desk was established here in the first week of March to counsel the swine flu infected people.

Since the beginning of April, there have been no patients approaching the help desk, said Ram Kumar KC of Chitwan District Public Health Office.

Among 540 tested so far, 153 have been tested positive for swine flu in Chitwan.

The H1N1virus has decreased with the rise in mercury, said doctors.

Dr Bhoj Raj Adhikari, a member of the Swine Flu Response Team in Bharatpur Hospital informed that the swine flu has turned to be normal like cough and common cold.

However, he asked the general public to put precautionary measures.