Hillary Clinton to announce presidency bid

WASHINGTON, APR 12: Former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton will end months of speculation and attempt asecond bid at becoming America’s first woman president when she launches her highly anticipated 2016 presidential campaign tomorrow.

Clinton will skip a flashykickoff rally in favour of conversations with voters about the economic needs of middle

class families and the next generation.

Clinton appears unlikely to face a formidable primary opponent, though some lower-profile Democrats have said they are considering campaigns. Should she be selected, she could face Jeb Bush, the brother and son of former presidents, and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

The first official word of Clinton’s candidacy will come in a video posted on social media and to supporters online. She will then turn to crucial early-voting primary states such as Iowa and New Hampshire, looking to connect directly with voters in small, intimate settings.

The announcement will mark Clinton’s formal return to politics following a two-year leave from government.

This time, the emphasis will be making a personal connection, rather than touting herself.