Three more die; Jajarkot flu toll 24


JAJARKOT, APR 19: Three more persons succumbed to flu in Jajarkot pushing the death toll to 24 since the epidemic started three weeks ago.

Amrita Adhikari, just 27days old, of Pajaru VDC-5 died yesterday. Sher Bahadur Rawat, 28, of Dashera-8 and Bire Karki, 68, of Nayakwada-8 died today.

The District Health Office claimed the disease is under control in Nayakwada, Sakla, Paink, Archhani, Talegaun and Pajar, but Rana Bahadur Shahi, a local teacher at Archhani said patients are still dying in Talegaun, Nayakwada, Archhani and Pajaru.

“Though some patients have been treated, everyday there are new flu patients,” he said. Lack of health workers and medicine in flu-affected areas has worsened the situation.

More than 1,000 persons have fallen ill in Talegaun, Archhani, Nayakwada, Rokayagaun and Majkot, but health facilities only have brufen, cetamol and rehydration solution. Even health workers have started falling ill.

Assistant Health Worker Ramchandra Giri of Paink Health Post has been brought to Teku Hospital for treatment. Similarly, Dr Deepak Pun, deployed in Paink; and Dr Gunanidhi Sharma, deployed in Sakla VDC, have developed health complications.