Opposition front leaders feel let down

KATHMANDU, APR 21: With the decision of Unified CPN-Maoist to let the process of constitution drafting proceed, the constituent parties of the 30-party alliance are uncertain about their next move.
“We have been betrayed by UCPN-M as its chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal had promised he won’t take any decision without consulting the alliance partners,” Pasang Sherpa, leader of Social Democratic Party, told THT.
Sherpa, however, ruled out any split in the alliance in the near future. Asked about the effect of UCPN-M’s decision to join NC and UML in proceeding with the stalled CA process, Sadbhawana Party Chairman Rajendra Mahato said the constituent parties of the alliance had been considering formation of Janajati and Madhesi parties’ alliance, besides discussing the significance of the 30-party alliance.
Khagendra Makhim of the Federal Democratic National Forum said the alliance would split only if the constituent parties forged any agreement against the spirit of the alliance or any of the alliance partners joined the government.
He said discussions would be held among all the fronts within the 30-party alliance, including the United Democratic Madhesi Front. General Secretary of Federal Socialist Party Rajendra Shrestha said UCPN-M had betrayed all those fighting for identity-based federalism. Shrestha said UCPN-M would lose its relevance if they deserted identity-based federalism.
Asked about the fate of 30-party alliance, Shrestha said the alliance would be restructured by including the parties wishing to launch a movement.
Leader of Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum-Democratic Jitendra Dev, however, said the meeting of 30-party alliance could be held before the next CA meeting.