Enforcing building code compliance key to save houses’

Kathmandu, May 12: Engineers have said that most of the capital-based houses constructed in compliance with the stated design standard have been found safe from earthquake.

This is the observation made by volunteer engineers deputed to check safety status of the quake-affected houses at the call of Nepal Engineers Association.

As many as 3,000 engineers have so far done rapid visual assessment of more than 28,000 quake-hit houses in the capital, which has been continued for the past 12 days.

The buildings constructed as per the approved sketch and stipulated design are not found suffering damages in the capital, said Architect Engineer Janak Raj Joshi.

Owing to ineffective monitoring on part of the government bodies, many buildings in Kathmandu have been constructed against the stated standard and the quake has caused damages to such buildings, he said.

Strict enforcement of building code is imperative to avert such crisis in future, engineers further said. Of the quake-affected houses assessed so far from safety perspective, only 50 per cent are safe for residential purpose, 30 per cent should be repaired to make them fit for residence and rest are not recommended for residence due to heavy damages. RSS