Discrimination and suffering will end with new constitution:PM Koirala

Birgunj, July 3: Prime Minister Sushil Koirala said on Friday that the basis for federal democratic republican constitution has finally been secured.

PM Koirala addressed a ceremony organized by Nepali Congress Town Committee after inaugurating a statue of former PM Girija Prasad Koirala here. “The country will soon get a new constitution as the constitution writing is now into the working process; we should all be assured of this.” The Prime Minister added that the constitution writing would spur the country towards development and prosperity.

He also expressed confidence the drafting of the new constitution would herald an era of peace and stability, and start an institutional development of democracy while ending all forms of discrimination and suffering. “The country needs peace, serenity, development and prosperity rather than agitation and conflicts,” PM Koirala said adding, “We must all move along in unison for development of a governing system with inclusive and proportional participation, economic equality, prosperity with insurance of social justice by ending class-based, ethnic, regional, linguistic, religious and caste and gender-based discriminations.”

PM Koirala further claimed the country’s political parties were very responsible and called for forgetting the past incidents. He urged one and all to set aside negativity and embark on the path of development and prosperity with a positive outlook.

The PM pointed out that both our neighbours – India and China – were becoming ever stronger economically and prosperous while adding that Nepal with immense possibilities on natural, cultural and geographical front had failed to make effective management that resulted in socio-economic backwardness. “Thousands of youths are pouring their sweat to turn deserts into green landscapes in foreign countries,” he said adding, “Those youths must be brought back to the country and get them involved in development process and prosperity.”

PM Koirala reiterated the government’s commitment to exercise zero tolerance towards those involved in corruption in course of channelizing the donors’ support for reconstruction.

On the occasion, Nepali Congress leader Sujata Koirala spoke of how late Girija Prasad Koirala had launched the peace process in the country at the expense of much grief and pain. She added that the late leader had been very concerned in drafting a federal democratic constitution while sharing that PM Koirala was fulfilling the late leader’s unfulfilled dream.

The life-size statue of the late Girija Prasad Koirala constructed at Chapakaiya in Birgunj Sub-Metropolis-2 was inaugurated by PM Koirala earlier. RSS