Agitating parties’ lawmakers boycott CA meet

Kathmandu, July 6: Lawmakers of four agitating political parties have boycotted the Constituent Assembly (CA) meeting today by expressing discontent to the ‘Draft of Nepal’s Constitution 2072 BS’ tabled in the CA.

Speaking at the beginning of the CA meeting, lawmaker of the Federal Socialist Forum, Upendra Yadav, criticised the draft of the new constitution saying that it has failed to incorporate the spirit of the people’s movements waged in the past for the democratic constitution with federalism.

He said that the draft of the constitution has done injustice to the Madhesi in the issue of citizenship certificate, discrimination was carried out on the basis of sex, and the issues of positive discrimination were not put to uplift the Dalit, marginalised groups, ethnic communities and women though it was supposed to do.

The issue of inclusion of the Interim Constitution of Nepal, 2063 BS was omitted in this draft and proportional participation, federalism, secularism, identity and other agendas agreed before were also not mentioned in the draft of the new constitution, Yadav said.

Saying that absence of provincial autonomy and federalism without naming and delineation of the state was unfortunate for the country, Yadav warned that moving ahead by going against the directive of the Supreme Court (SC) was tantamount to push the country towards crisis.

Yadav argued that this draft should not be forwarded in status quo as the current draft prepared by declining the past agreements could challenge national unity and push the country towards conflict.

He announced the CA meeting boycott on behalf of four parties claiming that the draft of the new constitution was silence for the upliftment of marginalised community of Tarai. RSS