New constitution will be top-drawer in South Asia, NC leader Poudel says

Kathmandu, Sept 12: Vice-President of the Nepali Congress Ram Chandra Poudel has said that there was no formal demand of the agitating Madhes-based political parties for talks.

At a programme jointly organised by the NC Kathmandu Constituency No. 3 and Nepali Janasamparka Committee, USA, in the capital city today, Poudel urged the Madhes-based political parties to come for talks soon if they have any demands.

Stating that the constitution writing process has reached the final phase, he claimed that the new constitution would be a top-drawer in the South Asia as it has incorporated democracy, fundamental rights and inclusion, among others.

Leader Poudel said, “New constitution has represented all sectors including women, Madhesi, Dalit and suppressed communities.

He further said that they would forward constitution writing process if the agitating parties did not come for talks by Sunday, saying that the constitution writing process is postponed for two days meant for forging consensus.

Also speaking at the programme, Nepali Congress General Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Federal Affairs and Local Development Prakashman Singh urged the agitating parties to sit for talks immediately as the constitution writing process was put on hold by considering the demands of the disgruntled parties.

Singh said that new constitution of federal republic would be issued by incorporating the aspirations of most of the political parties.

On the occasion, central committee member of Nepali Janasamparka Committee, USA, Haribol Bhandari handed over pen to NC leaders and lawmakers Ram Chandra Poudel, Prakashman Singh, Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat, Bal Krishna Khand, Shankar Bhandari, Dipak Kuinkel and others to sign the new constitution. RSS (Photo Available)