New constitution to secure language, culture, identity of all: PM Koirala

Kathmandu, Sept. 13: Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has said that the major political parties are in their final efforts to promulgate a new constitution with federalism, republic, democracy and inclusion.

Taking part in the clause-wise deliberations on the amended Bill of the Constitution of Nepal, 2072 at the Constituent Assembly today, he said we will succeed in promulgating the new constitution as we succeeded in resolving problems including through the comprehensive peace accord in the past.

Pointing out the need for positive support of all to fulfill the determination of promulgating the new constitution from the CA, Mr Koirala, who is also the Chair of NC, said the nation was amidst a significant juncture of institutionalizing the people’s rights.

Prime Minister Koirala expressed concern over the efforts being made to spread communal hatred and damage economic activities, and called upon the agitating sides to come for a meaningful dialogue to guide the nation towards a new direction.

Urging the disgruntled parties to come for talks as any problem could be settled through dialogue and discussion, PM Koirala said, “I request not to have any doubt as consensus has been forged to move ahead with unity through the medium of talks, discussion, consensus and reconciliation. Some amendments could still be made even after promulgation of new constitution if there are some weaknesses.”

He said that although the army was mobilized for the security at local level due to some violent activities including setting ablaze houses of lawmakers and killing of police personnel, the PM expressed the view that the initiatives taken so far for democracy would be meaningless and the country would be pushed to further conflict if such incidents were repeated.

PM Koirala said a strong determination should be made for the sake of national sovereignty, adding that the international community would also support the historic opportunity of the establishment of democracy, rule of law and rights in Nepal.

He said, “Identity, languages, culture, costume of all are being established in the country through the new constitution, and this historic success should be institutionalised by all through the medium of reconciliation.” RSS