Call to ensure human rights of quake-hit

 Nuwakot, Sept. 18: The chiefs and representatives of the government offices in Nuwakot district have pledged the protection of the human rights in service delivery as the service recipients bemoaned that they were deprived of their human rights due to negligence of the government officials in regard to service delivery.

At an interaction programme in a mobile human rights camp in the district on Thursday, the government officials made commitment to ensure human rights to the folks in all the services that are delivered from the government offices.

They also said that coordination would be made with the social organisations for effective service delivery to ensure human rights.

During a one-month-long study carried out from the human rights mobile camp, the locals complained that the earthquake-hit families were not given relief amount and identity card for long, particular communities were not prioritised in relief amount distribution and due attention was not heed to reinstate the quake-hit government institutions.

On the occasion, Chief District Officer Umesh Kumar Dhakal admitted that the quake-hit locals were deprived of relief materials and amount in time and argued that problems were created due to the technical team’s report.

Dhakal said that it was state’s responsibility to provide services to maximum number of citizens and assured implementation of the human rights from the District Administration Office.

Acting Local Development Office Loknath Regmi, coordinator of the monitoring team of the district-based social organisations and district coordinator of mobile camp of the National Human Rights Padam Upreti and others expressed their opinions on service delivery from the government offices in the aftermath of the deadly earthquake. RSS