Nepal’s constitution unique in the world: Speaker Nembang

Kathmandu, Sept 23: Speaker Subas Chandra Nembang has said the Constitution of Nepal, 2015 made from the Constituent Assembly was unparalleled in the history of the world.

Speaking in a tea reception hosted by lawmakers from the Dolakha District here on Wednesday to mark the promulgation of the new constitution from the CA, the former Chairman of the Constituent Assembly described the new constitution drafted from the CA in Nepal’s constitutional history was unique in the world.

“Nepal’s constitution which has been formulated on the basis of the long struggle of the people is unparalleled in terms of the inclusive principle,” he said, adding that it is highly inclusive as it has been signed and approved by over 85 per cent CA members from various background as some belonging to political party that launched armed struggle, the Madhes-centric parties and through the participation of the women, Muslims, linguistic communities and indigenous nationalities.

Expressing happiness over the materialization of the aspiration of the Nepali people of writing constitution by own representatives dating back to 1949, Speaker Nembang said the CA was successful in issuing the constitution because of the unity among the all the parties and the determination of the people from the mountainous, hilly and Tarai region.

“There were questions whether the constitution is delivering until the morning the day the constitution was slated to be promulgated,” he said, but we defied every odd and now the constitution is issued and there is celebration across the country.

Speaker Nembang said although there is celebration, some reservations remained in some part of the country and urged the party leaders to resolve the dissatisfaction.

Lauding the joint efforts of the Constituent Assembly members to draft the constitution, Chairman Nembang urged the lawmakers to be united and effortful to accommodate the dissenting parties.

He clarified that the new constitution was progressive as well as flexible from every angle unlike the 1990 constitution. “Although every issues raised by everyone could not be incorporated in the newly promulgated constitution, including mine, it could be amended if need be,” affirmed Nembang.

Stating that it was certainly a challenge to implement the new constitution in an easy and convenient way, Nembang recalled that he was urging the disgruntled CA members till the last hour of the promulgation of the new constitution by President Dr Ram Baran Yadav.

He urged one and all for the successful implementation of the new constitution that incorporates features like the federal republic, secularism, federalism, inclusiveness and unifying quality from Terai to the Hill region. RSS