Indian government imposing undeclared blockade against Nepal will be a failure: DPM Gautam

Kathmandu, Sept 29: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs, Bamdev Gautam, has claimed that the Indian government which has imposed an undeclared blockade against Nepal will be failure.

Speaking at the meeting of the Good Governance and Monitoring Committee of the Legislature-Parliament here today, DPM Gautam said so with the referral of failure of Indian National Congress following the blockade imposed in Nepal in 1988 (2045 BS).

Stating that the same fate may have to be suffered by the Indian incumbent government this time, DPM Gautam said.

“The India’s undeclared blockade is against the international law and violation of the rights reserved to the landlocked countries in the world, he addded.

“Never had I thought India would ever do this to Nepal,” remarked Gautam.

Arguing that such an act was against the Indian constitution itself, he expressed his belief that the Indian public would do the rightful decision to deliver justice to Nepali people.

On the occasion, he shared that efforts were on to resolve blockade issues through diplomatic dealings.

“The government is also making effort to resume the closed checkpoints in China border to ease off the imports,” Gautam shared.

Moreover, DPM Gautam said that the government was ever ready to hold talks with the agitating Madhes-centric parties, to whom he said were spearheading agitation without any logical demands and issues.

Also, speaking at the meeting, Indra Prasad Upadhyay, Secretary of the Ministry of the Commerce and Supplies, shared that since the petroleum products reserved in the country was dwindling, the reserve was being distributed systematically.

He assured that the government had keeping a close eye to ensure fair distribution of the petro-products and curb the peddling during the shortage.

Likewise, Gopal Bahadur Khadka, Executive Director of Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC), informed that the government had been arranging the import of the petroleum products despite the agitation in the Terai for 45 days but following the India’s undeclared blockade, the reserve in NOC was also on the wane.

Committee’s Chairperson, Sherdhan Rai issued a directive to the government to ensure smooth vehicular movement in Terai Madesh and the supply of the food items in the eve of Dashain and Tihar festivals.

He also instructed the government to curb the irregularities rife in the market at the time of shortage.

Also, the instructions include resolving the blockade issues with India and operation on working to open border from the northern. RSS