All-party political assembly sought

Kathmandu, Oct 6: The National Front of 33 parties has demanded that the government organise a powerful all-party national political assembly with the joint participation of the sides that are dissatisfied with the new constitution.

In a press release issued to journalists here on Tuesday, the Front coordinator Yubaraj Safal said, “The Front calls for amending the constitution only after settling all issues in a package by forging consensus on the disputed issues for making the constitution a common document of all.”

Expressing dismay at the major parties initiating the task of formation of a new government on the basis of consensus or through majority to please the Indian side, the Front reiterated its demand of formation of a powerful all-sides national political conference which would write an all-acceptable constitution and also form an all-party joint national unity government.

The Front stated that its serious attention was drawn to the undeclared blockade imposed by India, it urged India to demonstrate the conduct of a good neighbour by lifting the blockade.