Prime Minister Message-International Human Rights Day

 Kathmandu, Dec 10: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that the government is effortful to give constitutional and political outlets to the current standoffs by forging consensus through consultations and dialogues with agitating political parties in the Terai-Madhes.

Prime Minister Oli expressed his confidence that the government would get support from all sides to resolve the problem.
In a greetings message delivered today on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day, he expressed the government’s firm commitment to provide Nepali people the constitutionally-guaranteed rights in a way to allow them to fully exercise their rights.
The Prime Minister expressed his belief that the unity, collaboration and efforts of all Nepali people could only recognize and respect of the human rights of all.
He further said that there has been an additional challenge before the nation to address impediments emerged in Nepal-India border points that has caused disruption of the supply of essential goods when Nepali people were exchanging happiness for realizing their long-cherished dream of promulgating a new constitution through the Constituent Assembly.
The challenge is to avert humanitarian crisis resulted from the disruption of supply and address the situation limiting the exercise of the international law guaranteed landlocked country’s right to access to unobstructed trade transit, the PM said in the message.
Noting that the government has guaranteed various economic, social and cultural rights of the people as fundamental rights besides assuring the civil and political rights, he said, adding that the formation of human rights commission, indigenous nationalities commission, Madhesi commission, Tharu commission, Muslim commission and national women commission, among others specified in the constitution was on the basis of the spirit of human rights for all.
“The challenge before the government is to reflect human rights in its all policy, plan and programme and translate them into actions so as to institutionalize democracy and good governance”, the message reads.
He further noted, “The government is committed and effortful to take the responsibility of expediting the planned works of post-quake reconstruction, rehabilitation and rebuild”.
Nepal has been marking the International Human Rights Day every year as a member-state of the United Nations.