Nepali Congress obstructs House meeting again


KATHMANDU: The main opposition party, Nepali Congress, obstructed the Parliament meeting again, on Sunday, demanding that the government table the Constitution Amendment Bill and the Bill on National Reconstruction Authority together.

Following the obstruction, Speaker Onsari Gharti Magar postponed the meeting for Tuesday.

The government, for last few weeks, has not been able to table the pending bills as the NC and protesting United Democratic Madhesi Front have been pressing for contrastive demands.

While the NC wants to get both bills tabled simultaneously, the UDMF has been saying that it can not accept tabling of the Constitution Amendment Bill as the proposed changes there do not address its demands.

Earlier today, the ruling parties, the opposition party and the UDMF had held talks about resolving the crisis and resuming the House. It, however, did not produce any concrete result as both NC and UDMF remained adamant on their demands.