NSC Mem Secy Bista: CAN? Which CAN?

LALITPUR: Member Secretary of the National Sports Council Keshab Kumar Bista said he was unaware of the CAN elections. “CAN? Which CAN? I am not aware of any election of CAN,” said Bista when asked about the elective general assembly of cricket governing body. “President Tanka Angbuhang came to us and said that the election will be held only after taking the consent of NSC and ICC. We are not aware of any such elections,” he said. Asked about NSC’s plans of forming a separate committee, Bista said the sports’ governing body was ready to take necessary action. “If needed, we will form another committee and dissolve the existing one as well,” he added. But CAN general secretary Ashok Nath Pyakurel has a different version. “We requested the NSC to send an election committee after the CAN board decided to hold the elective general assembly,” he said. “We did postpone the AGM upon NSC’s instructions once and we were not in position to do that again,” he added. The term of the CAN committee was to expire in four days.