After constitution amendment bill tabled without its consent, Morcha announces fresh protest

Kathmandu, December 18. Madehsi Morcha, which has protesting the new constitution for over 120 days, has announced fresh protests two days after a constitution amendment bill was tabled in Parliament, without its consent.
The Morcha wanted the amendment bill revised so that its demands related to representation in the Upper House could be addressed. But after the ruling alliance, which feels that New Delhi is now on its side, went ahead with the amendment bill, Madheshi parties decided to announce fresh round of protests.
As part of the 11-day protest, which is to begin on December 10, Morcha will bar ministers, and MPs from entering Madhesh, and organise ‘lathi’ rallies, Morcha leaders said at a press conference in Kathmandu.
Morcha leader Mahant Thakur said Morcha was now going to the Madhesh, and that the government would have to come to Madhesh to hold talks.