No timely outreach of true information on constitution behind current problem-Chief Justice Shrestha

Bhaktapur, Dec 24: Chief Justice Kalyan Shrestha has said that the country has seen the emergence of current problem due to failure to reach out true information related to the constitution to the people immediately after its promulgation.
Chief Justice Shrestha made this remark at a programme ‘Role of Media in Enhancing Access to Justice’ jointly organized by the Access to Justice Commission and Constitutional and Judicial Journalists Forum at Bhaktapur on Wednesday evening.
Though the constitution has enshrined 31 rights of the people, the beneficiaries were not well informed about the provisions immediately after its promulgation, he said, suggesting the media to reach out to the constitutionally-guaranted rights to the people.
Noting that the promulgation of the constitution was a remarkable achievement, he said the challenge now is to ensure its effective implementation.
Justice is under the reach of only 5 to 10 per cent people, he said, noting that the many significant cases could not come to door of the court. He stressed that the judges, journalists and lawyers should move ahead together to increase access to justice.
“I would keep the court freed from politics and would not allow politics within the court”, CJ Shrestha asserted, adding, “There should be no politicization in appointing justices. The tendency of keeping court under political influence should be put to an end”.
The delay in the appointment of judges hampered the settlement of cases in time, he added.
The justice has multiple stakeholders, he said, adding that the time has come to form and mobilize volunteers’ groups to villages to increase public trust on court and increase their access to justice.
On the occasion, Surya Prasad Parajuli on behalf of justice sector and former Chairperson of Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) Dharmendra Jha presented working papers on respective sectors. RSS