ICT Minister instructs subordinate bodies to work as per spirit of new constitution

Kathmandu, Dec 24: Minister for Information and Communication Technology, Sherdhan Rai, has directed the bodies under the Ministry to provide service and facility the people should directly experience as per the aspiration and sentiment of the new constitution.

Addressing the Ministry-level Development Problems Resolution Committee meeting organised at the Ministry today, Minister Rai pointed out the need of making different projects and programmes smooth, transparent and effective as per the new situation.

He said, “We are in the changed context of the promulgation of the new constitution. The government mechanism should carry out works in a way the people can experience change. Not only distrust will increase if people do not find their expectations met from our service and works. A situation will come that the budget programme may be unsuccessful. So we all should pay attention in implementation by incorporating the annual budget and programmes in new context.”

Stating that the government has formulated two-year plan except regular budget programme, Minister Rai drew the attention of all ministries and their bodies for the effective implementation of the two-year plan.

Indicating towards the first quarterly progress review report of the Ministry and the bodies under it of the fiscal year 2073/73 BS, he directed the concerned bodies to submit target budget and expenditure as well as progress in the next quarterly review meeting.

The ICT Minister said failing to provide detailed report of the work progress was the serious issue.

He also directed the departmental chiefs to make the services in their concerned organisation smooth and reliable.

Secretary at the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Sunil Bahadur Malla, said the capital expenditure and the physical development progress report was not satisfactory and directed the department heads to come up with detailed information in the next quarterly progress review meeting.

He stated that the Ministry was working vigorously towards making the service delivery in the bodies and agencies under the Ministry prompt and qualitative.

Joint Secretary at the National Planning Commission (NPC) Gopinath Mainali said that the quarterly progress and the capital expenditure of the Ministry was satisfactory. He drew the attention of the Ministry to prepare the strategic plan for the sustainability of five media institutions under it keeping their national significance in mind.

Director-General at the Department of Information Laxmi Bilas Koirala said the draft of the online media management has been prepared and forwarded to the Council of Ministers, the process of rendering the media houses gender-friendly has been started and the journalist insurance plan has been continued further.

Chief of the Policy, Plan, Monitoring and Evaluation Section at the Ministry, Rudra Sharma presented the capital expenditure and the progress report of the different bodies under the Ministry.

The departmental heads of the different bodies under the Ministry and representatives of the line ministries attended the quarterly review meeting. RSS (Photo available)