‘The Days of Noah 2: Apocalypse’ screened

Kathmandu, Dec 25: A documentary ‘The Days of Noah 2: Apocalypse’ – which is about a claimed discovery of the legendary and biblical Noah’s Ark by Chinese-Turkish expedition on Mt Ararat located in Eastern Turkey along the borders of Armenia and Iran – was screened for the first time in the capital on Thursday evening.
The 105 minutes long non-fictional movie dubbed into the Nepali script was shown by a Hong Kong based non-profit Media Evangelism Company Ltd amidst a press conference coinciding with this year’s Christmas Eve.
The discovery of the massive ancient wooden structure, claimed to be the Noah’s Ark, by the company was made at 4,200 meters above sea level buried under a glacier in October, 2009. The mountain expedition team including four members from Hong Kong ventured into the structure which contains seven large wooden compartments.
Panda Lee, the expedition team member, said the team had come across a 20 meter long wooden structure at the apex of the mountain with various sizes of compartments inside it. “This is amazing, it is difficult to emerge on a top of a mountain above 4000 meters, this huge wooden structure,” said Lee, who found he was suffering from cancer after returning home from the mountain.
“This is a documentary of the process of our findings and the stories of the expedition team,” said Andrew Lam Hoi, Senior Manager of the Company. Hoi said many archeologists from around the world including the US and European countries have staked different claims on the discovery. The movie was premiered in the Netherlands and shown later in Hong Kong and Beijing.
“The full documentary is being held for the first time here in Nepal,” said Kerry Chan, the Company’s Project Development Manager.
The large wooden structure – the presence of which is said to be of common knowledge among the local Kurdish inhabitants in the past is being claimed by the group as the Noah’s Ark which according to bible was a large wooden vessel 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide ad 30 cubits high onto which Noah and his family including all kinds of animals were boarded under God’s instruction. The God then flooded the earth to destroy the entire world to end violence and evil, but preserved the life of Noah for his righteousness and all those on board the Noah’s Ark. RSS