Former PM Bhattarai takes stock of earthquake-hit persons in Gorkha

Gorkha, Dec 28: Former Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai has visited constituency no-1 of Gorkha district today in view of taking stock of the earthquake-hit persons.

The April 25 earthquake had its epicentre in Barpark in Gorkha district.

Dr Bhattarai, who hails from the same district and was elected from the same constituency to the second constituent assembly, distributed some 100 sets of blankets to the quake victims at Bakrang VDC on the occasion.

He visited places like Manakamana VDC, Ghairung, Taklung, Makaising among other VDCs where many households are still suffering the brunt of the quake that caused a massive destruction of lives and property not only in the district but also across other mountainous districts.

Stating that the incumbent government failed to feel the pulse of earthquake-hit persons for relief and resettlement, also former senior leader of UCPN (Maoist) Bhattarai distributed a total Rs 200,000 for the construction of temporary shelter for them.

He is likely to pay a visit to the Chepang habitat and the quake-hit persons at Ghyachowk in the district, according to Ramesh Pokharel, Coordinator of Naya Shakti for Gorkha district.