PM Oli calls on parties to join negotiation table being responsible

Kathmandu, Dec 28: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has called on all political parties to join the negotiation table being responsible.

“I kindly request the political parties not to be impulsive and excited, but serious and thoughtful to hold a dialogue to sort out differences,” PM Oli said this while receiving a memorandum submitted by Reporters’ Club on Monday. The Club, through the memorandum, urged the government to seek solution to Madhes problems and advance bill on constitution amendment.

Similarly, the PM said the country at present was facing tough time, so petty politics should be shunned by all.

He however expressed confidence that as the talks were intensified, the country would see the resolution soon.

Moreover, PM Oli said, “I will do the needful through the Department of Electricity Development so as to address load shedding problems. My work in a year would be double the one done in 105 years!”

He said he would not impose his personal interests on the efforts of the political parties to seek solution through consensus.

“We’ve brought new constitution through very democratic process. It has constitutionally made people sovereign. Multi-party system is not our compulsion but a choice,” he argued.

The government is committed to social justice and equality, he said, adding that it was not acceptable to the government if anyone tries to disrupt peace and order.

“Many find us as their friends; we’ve not anyone enemy; we’re friendly to all,” said the PM.

The PM stressed the importance of economic progress through good governance and prosperity.

He said he had seen the possibility of visits to China and India before coming Baisakh. Priority to any country visit depends on convenience, added PM Oli. RSS