Semi classical Song Priya: by Firoj

(By Dipendra Adhikari)

Kathmandu: Firoj Timalsina, an emerging talent in Nepali Music Industry, started his musical career in the year 2069 B.S recording his first track “Sustari” along with his vocal teacher Aadesh Gurmachhan. Sustari proved to be very lucky for him to establish himself as a singer in the Nepali Music Industry.
Firoj then came out with his debut album “Yatri”, a collection of his soulful tracks like “Ichchha”, “Kina”, “Sustari” & “Yatri” , a collection of emotional sensation songs.
A diverse talent Firoj not only sings out his heart, but also writes and composes himself and is confident to face the camera. “K Ho Yo” & “Timro Aankha Maa” are some of his front and behind the camera projects. Recent creations and compositions by Firoj have created new optimism in Nepali music industry as the industry was expecting some newness.
Firoj, learned classical Music from his teacher Aadesh Gurmachhan during his college days during the year 2064/65 BS and started performing in gazal nights frequently along with his mentor. He then gained the experience of stage shows and knowledge of vocal-mix balance, and later featured in many musical concerts. From his album “Yatri”, he also became “Hot Shot of the month” in one of the top F.M, Radio Kantipur.
Firoj, a Software Developer by profession, is an interesting character who likes experimenting with his life. Not a big planner, but Firoj targets to the horizon.
Priya, sang by singer Firoj is a romantic number with a semi-classical touch and is composed by young talent of the country, Prakash Nepali. The lyrics has been penned by the singer himself while the track is arranged by veteran Music Arranger Rapraveen. Rapraveen had tried to create a different piece of music; regardless of the demand of the market says Sound Engineer Maheswor Man Rajbhandari, who is the man behind sound mixing and pre-mastering of the track Priya.
Priya is a melody romantic song which depicts the bond between couples so true in love. This song expresses heart out of lyrics. The line “timi bina malai bachnu nai chha bhane , ma ta maagthe mero bhaag ma ichchhya mrityu baru” means “If I have to live without you, I would better wish for mercy death” tells everything about love silently.
This video is directed by creative director Rapraveen, who has got fine knowledge of music being an arranger himself. This point has helped him direct the music video as per the demand of the music being played while the video is captured by cinematographer Gyanendra Sharma, a well marked name in the field of videographer. Post work is carried out by another young talent, Anup Giri, who has defined his name by his work.
This video was shot at Gairidhara–Baluwataar roadside (KIA Motors garage) and at a printing press go-down, Sitapaila, creating sets for the video. It took two days to shoot the whole video.
The video/the act is all about enticing the character “Priya”. Priya (Sruti Rana) is the dream of male protagonist (Nishant Jung Shah). He is truly, madly and deeply in love with her. Whenever he is with her, he is lost in his dreams. He entices her by disappearing in his own world when he has her in his arms. While on the part of Priya, she feels shy and happy while being loved by his man as you can see in the video. Both the characters have played the role to the perfection.
His latest video by Firoj addresses the issue of purity of and it portrays in new generation through soft melodious music. Though love has two distinct features violent and celestial, this video has preferred that love should be pure blended with emotionality.
The music video is a real tribute to the soul-mate beloved. Firoj has proved newness in love song composition and originality in vocal by mixing semi classical and romantic soundings.
Simply, pure love’ is one of those rare songs that seems to prove itself really quickly though melody goes slowly so far song goes.
Such sort of a love song that rocks as is appealing rare for all young generation. All lovers could find their girl friends dancing and appealing for celestial love.