UDMF will send four names: Ray

Kathmandu, Jan 4: Tarai Madhes Sadbhawana Party senior leader and United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) talks team member Ramnaresh Ray said as the Front has four constituents it will send the names of four leaders.
At an interaction organized by Reporters’ Club Nepal in the capital on Monday, he said, “We will not send the name of only one person as has been asked by the government. The Front will hold discussion tonight and by 11 am Tuesday and decide whether or not to send the name”.
Accusing the government of trying to shy away from negotiations, Ray opined that the government must come to the location chosen by the Front for dialogue in order to show its commitment for the same.
He added that the ongoing agitation in Tarai-Madhes would continue until their 11-point demands were addressed.
Sadbhawana Party’s General Secretary Manish Suman said his party has launched a separate agitation based on the Front’s experience. Suman further asserted that the decision to launch separate agitation programmes would not break up ties with UDMF.
He added that the Front would not sit for dialogue until the state apologized for an ‘attack’ on their leader Rajendra Mahato.