Implementation of new constitution only possible thru unity: Sitaula

Myagdi, Jan 7: Nepali Congress General Secretary, Krishna Prasad Sitaula, has said that implementation of new constitution was only possible from national unity.

At a news conference organised by the Nepal Press Union, Myagdi, at Beni today, leader Sitaula said that national unity among political parties was necessary for the smooth implementation of the new constitution as it was only promulgated through collaboration among major political parties.
He further said that collaboration and unity among political parties was necessary till phase-phase implementation of the new constitution as political system would be established in the country only after concluding election of local bodies, province assembly, representatives assembly and national assembly, among others.
The NC General Secretary Sitaula said, “All parties should move ahead after amending the new constitution as per the need. The parties should be together in course of formulating laws as well as making structure of provinces. It is not possible only from single party.”
Stating that proposal has been tabled in the Legislature-Parliament for the constitution amendment, he said the demands raised by the Madhes-based political parties would be addressed through talks.
Leader Sitaula expressed dissatisfaction over dillydallying of the government in relief and reconstruction task, saying the NC was not involved to collapse the incumbent government.