NC’s 13th general convention will be a model one: leader Koirala

Kanchanpur, Jan 11: Nepali Congress (NC) Central Committee member Dr Shekhar Koirala has expressed his confidence that the NC’s upcoming general convention will be exemplary.

NC, the biggest political party in the Legislature-Parliament and now the major opposition party, is going to hold its 13th general convention on March 3 this year.

At a programme organized by the NC, Kanchhanpur Chapter at Jhalari in Kanchanpur today, leader Koirala urged for the unity among the party’s cadres for greater good of the Party rather than being divided into fraction and sub-fractions.

Koirala argued that a capable candidate ought to assume leadership of the party. The next general convention is expected to pick a new leadership.

Disclosing that no any ‘gentleman agreement’ was made with the ruling party, CPN (UML), in terms of formation of a government, Koirala confided that NC chose to remain in opposition role on its own discretion.

As for the ongoing agitation across various districts in Tarai, he underscored cooperation and collaboration among one and all parties for resolution.